Sublet Towing

Repair shops must ensure they have the proper tooling, training, and equipment required to complete a proper repair prior to accepting a repair assignment. However, in accordance with the Light Vehicle Accreditation Agreement (LVAA), a shop may choose to take on a repair they cannot fully complete and have a portion of the work completed by another facility – see the Sublet Repairs Policy.

In order to help customers make an informed repair shop choice, shops must advise customers if any repair operations will be completed by a sublet vendor prior to beginning repairs.

Towing Considerations

Where the primary repair shop cannot complete all repairs, and need to sublet a portion of the repairs that could be typically performed in a properly equipped Autobody, Frame or Glass Accredited shop, the primary shop is responsible for all towing costs associated with transporting the vehicle between shops.

If the vehicle cannot be safely driven, MPI may consider the sublet towing costs to the nearest capable shop. See the Sublet Towing Estimating Standard for a complete list of operations eligible for sublet towing. All sublet operations must be completed in compliance with the LVAA.

Requesting a sublet tow for any operations not outlined in the Sublet Towing Estimating Standard or for other extenuating circumstances requires pre-approval by MPI’s Accredited Repair department. Any unapproved or ineligible tow is subject to post audit recovery.


MPI will not cover the cost of towing for:

  • Calibration
  • Pre and post repair diagnostic scanning
  • Moving vehicles between affiliated shops to “load level” work


Please contact the Accredited Repair department using the Repair Shop Support Line.

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