Repair shops should always use the Repair Support Line (1-855-882-4313) when phoning MPI staff. Please see the Repair Shop Support job aid for more information.

To find the contact information for an adjusting team or individual adjuster:

  1. Determine the assigned adjusting resource:
    • Accredited Repair Shops – refer to the electronic estimate (suffix 01) or Dispatch Report (suffix 99) to determine who is assigned.
    • Shops Without Electronic Estimate Access – ask the customer for their chosen service centre location.
  2. Find the appropriate adjusting resource(s) using the Adjuster Lookup Tool below.
  3. Call the Repair Support Line (1-855-882-4313), wait for the prompt, and enter your Registered Account Number (RAN):
    • To contact an individual adjuster, wait for the prompt enter the adjuster’s four-digit extension number.
    • To contact the Claims Processing Unit (CPU), select the “Adjusting Team and Claims Processing Unit” option, and select the CPU option.
    • To contact an adjusting team, select the Adjusting Team and Claims Processing Unit” option, select the next “Adjusting Team Option”, and enter the three-digit extension number.

*To search for an adjuster by name, select the name option in the Location box below.
** For Team 2 Parkland, search for the Dauphin location.

Adjuster Lookup Tool