Sublet Repairs

Repair shops must ensure they have the proper tooling, training, and equipment required to complete a proper repair prior to accepting a repair assignment. However, in accordance with the Light Vehicle Accreditation Agreement (LVAA), a shop may choose to take on a repair they cannot fully complete and have a portion of the work completed by another facility.

In order to help customers make an informed repair shop choice, shops must advise customers if any repair operations will be completed by a sublet vendor prior to beginning repairs.

Maximum Sublet Threshold

To minimize the impact to customers and avoid inefficient repair procedures, any work accepted by a shop must be substantially completed by that shop. In this case, “substantially” means more than 80% of all the work (measured in labour hours) is completed by the shop, unless MPI approves another amount.

If a shop accepts a repair and needs to sublet a portion of the work, the shop may be responsible for all costs associated with transporting the vehicle between repair shops – see the Sublet Towing Policy.

The primary repair shop is responsible for the amount of sublet work, quality of repairs, and payment of the sublet repair. Upon completion, the primary shop must submit an invoice to be uploaded to the claim file.


Please contact the Accredited Repair department using the Repair Shop Support Line.

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