Accredited Repair Overview

The following information is presented by MPI in partnership with the light vehicle repair shops across Manitoba, as represented by the Manitoba Motor Dealers Association (MMDA) and the Automotive Trades Association (ATA).

A 'tsunami of technological change'

There is a tsunami of technological change taking hold in the collision repair industry. Many new vehicles are being manufactured using complex materials, such as aluminum, boron steel and carbon fibre, to reduce vehicle weight for improved fuel efficiency. Adding another layer of change, hybrid-engine technologies are becoming commonplace and more vehicles are incorporating collision-avoidance and vehicle-control technologies.

These complex materials and state-of-the-art technologies are creating an evolutionary change that demands specialized training, equipment, repair methods and facilities to complete a proper repair. We are committed to supporting the collision repair industry to ensure that Manitoba repairs are proper and the industry remains vibrant and sustainable.

To achieve this commitment, we have introduced a number of new concepts and benefits. We call this Accredited Repair, and it includes two key components: proper repair and accountable repair.

Ensuring proper repair

We have developed a set of recommended tools and equipment to be used for proper repair. Depending on the scope of work that your shop performs, it is not essential that your shop own all the recommended tools and equipment. It is, however, essential that you have the proper tooling and equipment for any repair you undertake. Simply put, you must have the tools to do the job.

To further meet the degree of technological change, training requirements must evolve. Per the Light Vehicle Accreditation Agreement (LVAA), shops must maintain their I-CAR Gold Class Professionals recognition (which requires four I-CAR Platinum Individual recognitions).

MPI's J. W. Zacharias Physical Damage Research Centre provides abundant training opportunities and support. Through our economies of scale, the Centre enables your staff to receive affordable and easily accessible training right here in Manitoba.

Providing accountable repair

Accountability goes hand-in-hand with ensuring repairs are proper, and performed with the right training, equipment, facilities, and methods.

The accreditation agreement, which was developed between senior industry leaders representing the ATA and the MMDA, puts the industry and MPI in a strong position to deal with the speed and volume of change being driven by the increased use of complex materials and elaborate collision-avoidance systems.

Accreditation applications for autobody, frame, and glass are available online.