Proper Repair Overview

To complete a proper repair, you need the right procedures, the right parts, the right tooling and equipment, and the right training.

MPI provides support to help ensure you have the right procedures. Technicians can visit TechAdvisor in RepairCenter to view critical OEM repair data and procedures. If further assistance is required, our Research and Training and Accredited Repair departments are available to assist through our Repair Shop Support Line.

The right parts are those that meet OEM specifications. The right tooling and equipment for the job is essential – a recommended tooling and equipment list is included in the 2017 Light Vehicle Accreditation Agreement (LVAA) to help ensure you have the right tools and equipment to complete a proper repair.

Training is an ongoing requirement that is also laid out in the 2017 LVAA. We recognize it’s a huge resource commitment – and we are here to support you through the process.

Our Centre for Automotive Research and Training will provide accessible and affordable training to help you meet your requirements.

The Centre is a made-in-Manitoba solution to the industry change driven from OEMs. It will help ensure proper repairs and a healthy collision repair industry through a focus on four pillars:

  • Training support
  • Standards and estimatics
  • Quality assurance
  • Research and development

Together, these four pillars will help you meet ongoing industry changes in automotive repair.

Training support

I-CAR courses are available online as Independent Learning courses and in-class (based on demand).

The number of training opportunities we provide will grow dramatically with the launch of the Centre of Excellence. It will house new repair, welding and mechanical shops, and expand the number of training labs from one to three, enabling us to have as many as 100 technicians training at one time.

We are working with I-CAR and OEMs to develop a training strategy to ensure the health and viability of Manitoba’s collision repair industry. Once the Centre is up and running, we will continue to offer our current complement of I-CAR courses. We will also expand specific MPI training opportunities, to offer required training in such areas as Estimating Standards and Glass Standards.

Currently, we are working with a number of OEMs on the prospect of offering OEM-specific certification training. Our goal is to provide affordable and accessible certification programs to the Manitoba industry.

We are also working with suppliers to increase the volume and depth of training available for specific products.

All told, the Centre will harness MPI’s economies of scale to localize training, ensuring accessible and affordable opportunities within our province.

Beyond training courses, the PDC currently hosts a number of demo and tech nights. You are welcome to drop by as suppliers demonstrate and discuss the merits of equipment, tools and products. Demonstrations are a great opportunity to experience and try out the latest technology in a collaborative setting. Please continue to watch the Partners website for information on both demo/tech nights and training opportunities – see the Training tab.

Training – apprenticeships

We are also collaborating with Apprenticeship Manitoba and Red River College on enhancements to the light vehicle apprenticeship program. These changes will contribute to sustainable trades development and ensure a continuous pipeline of talented technicians are entering the industry.

Already, we have seen additional I-CAR credits applied to a certificate of apprenticeship – apprentices now receive credit for 33 courses towards their I-CAR Platinum requirements. Graduates of the two-year Automotive Painter program now receive seven I-CAR credits. I-CAR Independent Learning has also become more convenient, as testing can now be done online.

To further support the industry, we are moving towards increasing the number of apprentice opportunities here at MPI. Over the long term, we are also working with our partners on potential enhancements to the apprentice curriculum.

Other pillars

Training will be the key point of contact between the Centre of Excellence and the collision repair industry, but the Centre’s scope extends beyond the classroom. Besides training, the Centre’s foundation rests on three additional pillars:

  • Standards and estimatics: We have reviewed and published formal standards on the MPI Partners site. These Estimating Standards are a collection of business rules and reference materials that help shops understand how MPI writes the first estimate and approves supplements. Upcoming training will be available to all technicians in the shop estimator role.
  • Quality assurance: We created the list of recommended tools and equipment for vehicles and glass, and will continue to work to help ensure repairs are completed properly – providing safe, quality and reliable repairs for Manitoba drivers.
  • Research and development: Research and analysis of best practices for repair methods will help ensure the Manitoba industry has continued access to state-of-the-art training and procedures.

The Centre of Excellence will support a healthy and robust repair industry in Manitoba. It will also directly benefit your shop and help ensure your team has access to affordable training to complete proper repairs in all work that your shop undertakes.

Please contact your MPI support representative at any time with any questions you may have.