Manitoba Welding Certification Test Locations

Welding Qualification Tests are scheduled every Thursday from 8:30am - 5:00pm in Winnipeg. Applicants must register and book an appointment for an upcoming test date. A minimum of a weeks' notice is required to ensure that all Prep Test Material is available for review prior to the test.

To register for the I-CAR Welding Qualification Test:

  1. Students will contact I-CAR to provide a credit card number to pay for their upcoming session to be kept on hand until #6 below.
  2. I-CAR will notify MPI staff that the application has been received.
  3. MPI will send out student materials.
  4. MPI will notify the student of the date of the class.
  5. MPI will notify I-CAR of the date of the class for the student.
  6. I-CAR will immediately process the cc and will create a class on the website (visible to all) to register the students.
  7. MPI will notify I-CAR if it receives advance notification that the student cannot make the class, in which case fee will be refunded.
  8. If the student misses the class and no notice has been received, the class fee will not be refunded.

Class Locations

Winnipeg:  1981 Plessis Rd.
Building “A”
Training & Research Dept.

Brandon: MPI Service Centre   
731 1st Street
Brandon, MB

Thompson: MPI Claim Centre
53 Commercial Place
Thompson, MB

If you have any questions, please contact Brenda Plohman, MPI Training & Research @ 204-985-8770 ext 7725 or email:

Payment Options: Cheque, Visa or Mastercard