I-Car Welding Qualification Test

The First Hands on Welding Test for the Collision Industry
Steel Welding Qualification Test

I-CAR, with the help of the American Welding Society (AWS), and many welding professionals, has developed a “hands-on” performance test that measures the ability to make the welds used in repairing the unibody structure.  It gives you a way of measuring the skill of your technicians who perform welding repairs. Click here for test locations and availability.

The Details
The Automotive Steel GMA (MIG) Welding Qualification Test (SWQT) measures a technician’s ability to perform four basic welds in two positions; eight welds total:  fillet weld on a lap joint, plug weld on a lap joint, butt joint with backing weld and open butt joint weld.  These welds are made on 18-gauge coated automotive grade sheet steel in both the vertical and overhead positions for a total of eight welds.  All welds must pass both visual and destructive tests.

Preparing for the Test
Pre-Registered participants receive an information kit which contains a CD-ROM, program information and a welding gauge when you register for the test.  You should receive this information pack a minimum 1 week prior to your test date. This kit provides details about the test and how the welds are inspected.  The kit also includes instructions for practicing and pre-testing their welds. You are encouraged to review the program CD and kit material prior to your test date. Click here for more information.

The Day of the Test
Testing takes approximately three hours to complete.  Each test has a time restriction.  Participants have 40 minutes to familiarize themselves with the equipment and surroundings by practicing the four vertical position welds.  The technician must then complete the vertical test welds in 20 minutes.  Overhead position welds are timed in the same manner. 

The participant will receive a supply of welding coupons for practicing and setting up their welders. During the test, the participant will only receive enough coupons to perform and submit the required 8 welds for visual and destructive testing.

Performance Measuring
Welds are visually inspected following strict guidelines developed by the American Welding Society and I-CAR.  If the welds pass the visual inspection, they are destructively tested.  The methods used to test the welds are explained on the CD-ROM.  Participants receive their test results upon completion of the destructive testing and a complete report will be sent to the participant within four weeks after their test date.  All eight welds must pass in order to qualify.  Welds which do not pass require a Re-Test which must be taken within six months of the test date.

Qualifying as an Automotive GMA (MIG) Welder
After passing the SWQT, I-CAR Canada/AIA issues a Certificate. 

Cost and Pre-registration
The cost of the SWQT is $500.00 plus GST.
Welding prep class cost is $100.00 plus GST.
For failed welds, the re-test cost is $300.00 plus GST.
The number of participants per test session is limited and pre-registration is required. 
Participant’s prep and SWQT date will be given upon registration

To register for the I-CAR Welding Qualification Test:

  1. Students will contact I-CAR to provide a credit card number to pay for their upcoming session to be kept on hand until #6 below.
  2. I-CAR will notify MPI staff that the application has been received.
  3. MPI will send out student materials.
  4. MPI will notify the student of the date of the class.
  5. MPI will notify I-CAR of the date of the class for the student.
  6. I-CAR will immediately process the cc and will create a class on the website (visible to all) to register the students.
  7. MPI will notify I-CAR if it receives advance notification that the student cannot make the class, in which case fee will be refunded.
  8. If the student misses the class and no notice has been received, the class fee will not be refunded.