Shop and Staff Profile Updates

Repair shops are required to notify Manitoba Public Insurance of any shop or staff profile updates within 10 business days of the change. Upon notification, Manitoba Public Insurance may request that a shop complete a Shop Profile Update form. Shops will receive these requests by email and will have 10 business days to submit the completed form.

Shop Profile Updates

Shop profile updates include:

  • Changes to OEM certification or recognition
  • Acquisition or loss of equipment

For OEM certification or recognition changes, repair shops must submit all applicable documentation related to the certification or recognition. For equipment acquisitions, the Manitoba Public Insurance Quality Control department will attend the repair shop and confirm the new equipment is present. Once Quality Control has confirmed, Manitoba Public Insurance will update the shop profile.

Staff Profile Updates

  • New staff members
  • Staff members who are no longer employed at the shop
  • New staff qualifications (non-structural technicians, steel structural technicians, refinishers, estimators, etc.)

Repair shops must also inform I-CAR of the staffing changes. Manitoba Public Insurance will confirm the shop still meets the accreditation training requirements. If staffing changes result in the shop losing I-CAR Gold Class Professionals recognition, Manitoba Public Insurance will prepare a transition plan for the shop to follow in order to maintain accreditation.