2021 Performance Recognition - Questions & Answers

How do Earned Approval Limits work?

The Expedited Approval Program contains three tiers, which are determined by shop measure values for composite score and Ask-Approve Variance. Each successive tier allows greater autonomy for the shop to operate without requiring advance approvals from MPI.

What is my shop’s standing in tiers?

Contact your shop relationship advisor for information on your shop’s current tier rating.

Can claims under the Earned Approval Limit that get audited result in recoveries?

Yes. Audited claims may result in recoveries if MPI Estimating Standards are not followed.

Do I have to be in Direct Repair to move up Earned Approval Limits?

No. Direct Repair and Expedited Approval are separate programs. All shops can move up Earned Approval Limits if they meet the requirements within the Expedited Approval program.