Light Vehicle Accreditation Application Process

Manitoba Public Insurance grants accreditation to repair facilities to support the MPI Proper Repair policy, which includes the completion of I-CAR training, following OEM recommendations, and adherence to applicable codes, laws and regulations.

A repair facility will apply for accreditation in the following circumstances:

  • They are a new repair facility or have not been granted accreditation in the past

  • Ownership of the facility has recently changed

  • A suspension of their accreditation has recently expired

Follow the process below to apply for MPI accreditation.


  1. Go to and read the Accredited Repair and Proper Repair policies (on the Accreditation/Administration page), as well as the current Light Vehicle Accreditation Agreement.

  2. Complete an LVAA Application (for autobody, frame or glass repair).

  3. Email the completed application to
    • The MPI Accredited Repair department will contact you to discuss your application and schedule an inspection of your facility’s site, equipment, and repairs.
      • If the reason for your application is simply an ownership change, the Accredited Repair department may grant accreditation without an inspection if the shop was in good standing before the ownership change and technical staff is not changing.
  4. During the inspection, the Accredited Repair department (and sometimes Estimating staff) will ask to see samples of all types of repairs, including structural repairs and welding. To check for consistency in quality and technique, The Accredited Repair department may want to see several samples of the same repair type. The repairs you show may be completed or in progress. The number of inspections varies depending on the complexity of the repairs.

  5. Based on their inspection, the Accredited Repair department will either grant accreditation or advise you on how your facility must improve to meet accreditation standards. If your facility is not granted accreditation, the Accredited Repair department will schedule another inspection the next time you apply for accreditation.
    • If you’re applying for accreditation after a recent suspension, the Accredited Repair department may grant conditional accreditation. The Accredited Repair department will advise you of the conditions your facility must follow to avoid another suspension. Conditions may include, but are not limited to:
      • Inspection of all repairs prior to payment of the repair account
      • Submission of all part and sublet repair invoices
      • Additional training


  • You have applied for autobody, glass, or frame repair accreditation.