Issues Resolution

Accredited repair shops may appeal certain disputes with MPI in accordance with its accreditation agreement and this policy. The accreditation agreement identifies certain disputes which may not have to follow this policy.

The first step to resolve a dispute is to discuss it with the appropriate MPI representative. The following table identifies the representative, expected resolution timelines, and levels of escalation.

Issue Type
1st Level
(2 Working Days)
2nd Level
(2 Working Days)
3rd Level
(2 Working Days)


Original Estimator

Estimating Supervisor

Estimatics Coordinator

Estimating Standards

Estimating Supervisor

Estimatics Coordinator

Manager, Estimatics

Parts Business Rules

Parts Program Administrator

Supplier Management
Program Coordinator

Estimatics Coordinator

Manager, Estimatics

Shop Measures and Direct Repair Program

Shop Relationship Advisor

Assistant Manager, Physical Damage Program

Manager, Physical Damage Programs

Claims Audit

Claims Audit Staff

Audit Coordinator

Manager, Physical Damage Programs

Glass Audit

Glass operations staff

Glass Supervisor

Audit Unit Coordinator

Manager, Physical Damage Programs

Quality of Repair and Accreditation

Accredited Repair Inspector

Accredited Repair Coordinator

Manager, Accredited Repair

Research & Training

Research & Training Technician

Research & Training Technician Lead

Manager, Research & Training

If you have any questions about the Issues Resolution process outlined above, please contact your Shop Relationship Advisor.

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