2019 Light Vehicle Accreditation Agreement – Summary

MPI, the Automotive Trades Association (ATA), and the Manitoba Motor Dealers Association (MMDA) have reached a new agreement for light vehicle accredited repair shops in Manitoba. Read below for more information on the agreement and changes.

Optional training was available for repair shops from April 8-16, 2019. For those shops who were unable to attend the training in person, a recorded webinar is now available on Training Videos page.


View the 2019 Light Vehicle Accreditation Agreement

Term & Implementation

The agreement, along with the new and updated standards, rules, and policies, are in effect for a two-year term as of April 15, 2019.
The new Estimating Standards only apply to:

  • Estimates created on or after April 15, 2019
  • In-progress claims with:
  • Suffix ID: 01 repair assignment due date of April 15 or later
  • Suffix ID: 99 appraisal assignment due date of April 15 or later

The new Glass Claim Program Business Rules only apply to:

  • New glass only claims opened on or after April 15, 2019
  • In-progress claims with items added to the invoice on or after April 15, 2019.


Accredited labour rates, shop material rates, paint material rates, and the administration fee remain the same for the term. See Labour Rates - Southern and Northern for current accredited rates.

New Allowances

Additional Allowances/Considerations

Light Vehicle Accreditation

Light vehicle accreditation requirements are set out in the Light Vehicle Accreditation Agreement and in the policies on the MPI Partners Website.. Shops entering into the accreditation program may require a Corrective Action Plan to meet MPI’s requirements.

Glass Repair Only Accreditation Status

See Termination of Glass Repair Only Accreditation Status.

Direct Repair (DR) Premium Payment

See Termination of Direct Repair Premium.

Cost Effective Repairs

Accredited repair shops are responsible for completing repairs in a cost effective manner while ensuring a Proper Repair . This means taking the appropriate steps to minimize the intrusive nature of repairs and making sure vehicles are not over-repaired.

Lowest Cost Glass

For physical damage claims, see Glass Replacement Pricing. For glass only claims, see Lowest Cost Glass and NAGS Glass Discount.
For southern Manitoba glass-only claims, MPI will pay NAGS less 20% or OEM list price, whichever is less.
For northern Manitoba glass-only claims, MPI will pay NAGS less 10% or OEM list price, whichever is less.

Recovery of Costs for Errors and Repair Deficiencies

MPI incurs costs when it takes action to correct administrative billing errors or repair deficiencies. Therefore, MPI reserves the right to recover costs related to these matters. In the case of repair deficiencies, if a repair shop cannot convince a customer to return to the shop to correct the deficiencies, and MPI causes another shop must repair the vehicle, MPI may recover the cost of repairs and additional expenses. These recoveries will also be subject to an administrative fee beginning in the second year of the new agreement.

Sublet Repairs

See the Sublet Repairs (policy) and Sublet Repairs (Estimating Standard).

Sublet Towing

See the Sublet Towing (policy) and Sublet Towing (Estimating Standard).

Off-Site Estimating

Off-site estimating is no longer be permitted. Repair shops are required to perform all estimates at their main site.

Issues Resolution

See the Issues Resolution policy for the most current points of contact for any issues that may arise. In cases where disputes cannot be resolved amicably, a shop or MPI may refer the matter to arbitration; however, shops may be subject to an arbitration fee unless the dispute is resolved in their favour.

Future Initiatives

  • Foams and adhesives
  • Uninsured services strategy
  • Northern strategy
  • Parts strategy
  • Repair time grid


If you have any questions about the agreement, please contact:




204-985-4200 – mmda.mb.ca


Please use the Repair Shop Support Line to contact the applicable department.

  • Accreditation – Accredited Repair department
  • Estimating Standards – Estimatics department
  • Shop Measures and Direct Repair– Shop Relationship Advisors