Direct Repair – Questions & Answers

When can I apply for Direct Repair?

You can apply as of March 1, 2017.

Does MPI promote or market Direct Repair shops?

Direct Repair shops are able to promote their status in the program, subject to MPI advertising and logo usage guidelines. Customers receive information on the program when reporting an eligible claim, and information is available at It is up to the customer to decide whether to participate in Direct Repair and where they want their vehicle repaired.

Can a shop turn away a Direct Repair first estimate or repair?

A Direct Repair shop must undertake a first estimate when a customer brings an eligible claim. Any shop can make a business decision to turn away any repair.

Can a customer go to one shop for an estimate and a different shop for a repair?

Yes, a customer can decide to have their repair done at a different shop than their estimate. The customer can choose any accredited shop that is qualified to repair their vehicle.

How can I have zero customer complaints from the AutocheX survey?

The Direct Repair eligibility requirement of zero complaints refers to complaints that involve MPIs Accredited Repair department, not complaints from survey comments. These are typically customer referrals that pertain to proper repair issues. MPIs Accredited Repair department will continue to work with the repair shop to address customer referrals.

In Direct Repair, who will be responsible for storage of tow-ins?

Non-drives will not go directly to the shop. They will come to MPI first.

Will shops get more information on the collision from MPI?

Shops will receive training on the dispatch report related to collisions. If you have questions about a collision, you can contact the adjusting team (or the estimator, for non Direct Repair claims).