Lowest Cost Glass - Questions and Answers

How do shops select the lowest cost glass?

Shops are able to base their lowest cost glass decision on eGlass pricing alone.

How do I know if OEM pricing in eGlass is current?

OEM and NAGS pricing is updated every four months. MPI validated the use of the eGlass catalogue and top 100 most used glass pricing, as those resources are 98% accurate.

What if pricing is not available for a part type (NAGS or OEM) in eGlassClaim?

Select the part type with pricing.

  • If the part is a specialty item, apply a 25% markup as outlined by the Alternative Part business rule.

Refer to the Alternative Parts glass standard.

Can shops price match?

Yes, shops may price match to the lowest cost glass. If shops choose to price match, shops must:

  • Select the glass that is being installed (the higher priced glass) in eGlassClaim. This allows the claim to reflect the glass that was installed on the vehicle.
  • Enter a note in the claim stating price matching. This indicates the part the shop has chosen to price match.
  • E-mail the Claims Audit Unit at GAU@mpi.mb.ca to adjust the glass price in the claim.

What should shops consider when selecting glass?

    Before selecting which glass to install, shops should consider:

  • Glass pricing with applicable NAGS discount
  • Included or required hardware and attachments

What if the lowest cost glass is not available when required?

Shops must add a note in the claim summarizing their reason for not selecting the lowest cost glass, and include the following:

  • Name of the supplier contacted
  • Name of the individual the shop spoke with
  • Date of contact
  • Available date of lowest cost glass
  • Date of scheduled repair

For manual glass payments, shops must provide the above details typed on an additional page or in the email of the submission.

Can shops substitute parts when the customer requests to upgrade from the various glass options?

Yes, the customer can pay the difference.

Does Loss of Use (LOU) factor into the decision for lowest cost glass?

No, if the customer has a LOU policy, it should not be factored when determining lowest cost glass. In order to facilitate claim processing, we recommend shops ask the customer if they have a LOU policy. Shops should verify the LOU policy on the vehicle registration print out. If required, shops can call MPI to confirm if the customer has LOU. Shops should schedule customer appointments and corresponding LOU according to part availability.

Refer to the Loss of Use glass standard.

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