2021 Light Vehicle Accreditation Agreement – Summary

MPI is committed to working directly with repair shops under a new agreement with fair rates that benefit both the repair industry and Manitobans. This partnership is critical to ensuring customers have ongoing access to a network of quality accredited repair shops when they require their services. To facilitate this, MPI is offering a new compensation package that includes increases to existing labour rates, and changes to many Estimating Standards. These changes will also result in increased or net new compensation for shops.

Below is some information MPI leveraged to determine the new compensation being offered.

MPI is also committed to seeking regular input directly from the repair trade and associations through meaningful consultation on policies and procedures, as well as any future changes to the LVAA.


Recorded webinars that walk through the changes to physical damage claims-related estimating standards will be available on MPI Partners in the near future.

2021 LVAA Agreement

Please view 2021 Light Vehicle Accreditation Agreement - Summary for more details.

April 2021 Information Sessions

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Presentation recording

Commonly asked questions from the Information Sessions


Please use the Repair Shop Support Line to contact the applicable department.

  • Accreditation – Accredited Repair department
  • Estimating Standards – Estimatics department
  • Shop Measures and Direct Repair – Shop Relationship Advisors