System Requirements for Mitchell Cloud Glass

Repair shops are required to meet the minimum or recommended hardware and software specifications for Mitchell Cloud Glass system workstations, laptops and related equipment, as outlined below.

Operating System

Fully updated version of Microsoft Windows 10


Memory based on minimum operating system requires for your version of Windows:

  • Windows 10, 32bit or 64bit – 4 GB of memory or higher

SVGA (1024 x 768) or higher resolution monitor with 256 color

Internet Connection

Broadband (DSL, Cable, T1, etc.)

Using a dialup internet connection can reduce the performance of the application; therefore, Manitoba Public Insurance recommends using a broadband internet connection where available with a recommended minimum broadband internet speed of 25 Mbps download and 3 Mbps upload. Lower internet speeds may work but you may notice performance issues.

Web Browser

Internet Explorer 11 or higher, Chrome

  • Compatibility mode must be enabled in Internet Explorer (all versions) when accessing Mitchell Cloud Glass.
Anti-Spyware and Virus Protection Software

Commercial anti-spyware and virus protection software

  • The anti-spyware and virus protection software must be kept up to date, with regular updates and periodic scanning of the system.
  • Manitoba Public Insurance will not provide anti-spyware and virus protection.

Manitoba Public Insurance no longer certifies specific makes and models of printers. Any printer that is legible is acceptable for use with Mitchell Cloud Glass system.