Glass – Tooling & Equipment and Training

Glass and windshield work is becoming increasingly complex as more vehicles are equipped with standard ADAS as well as other vehicle systems that rely on safe and proper glass work. Shops must ensure required calibrations to these systems are completed at the same time of glass replacement. 

As with any proper repair, the work completed is per the approved estimate. This estimate applies the needed parts, materials, repair methods, products, calibration, tooling, and equipment, by qualified and trained individuals such that the total repair is in compliance with OEM product/repair specifications for that vehicle.

Required glass training included in the 2021 Light Vehicle Accreditation Agreement:

  • I-CAR Course: NS030E01 – Movable Glass Removal and Installation (Previously – GLA01)
  • I-CAR Course: ST050E01 – Fixed Glass Removal and Installation (Previously – GLA02)
  • I-CAR Course: EA095E02 – Damage Analysis of Stationary Glass
  • I-CAR Course: EA070E01 – Damage Analysis of Driving Assist Systems

MPI will accept technicians who completed the prior GLA01 and GLA02 as meeting the ICAR portion of the glass training requirements for NS030E01 and ST050E01.

In addition, technicians are required to have at least three years’ experience in all phases of glass repair and replacement to become accredited. These requirements are in addition to any applicable mandatory provincial training regulations.

MPI is committed to supporting you, ensuring your awareness of proper tooling and equipment, and ensuring you have access to the training required for proper repair of glass work.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact your MPI Partners at any time.